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New Client Questionaire

Suntec International Hydroponic Consultants



Name of Operation / Company/ Property

Contact Name






What Crops are you Producing/intending to Produce

Example Tomatoes 44 kg/m2/year, Lettuce 1200 head per week, Capsicum (green) 29 kg/m2/year

Type of Climate - Please select one of the following

High Latitude Temperate Subtropical

Desert Dry Tropical Humid Tropical

Describe any Neighboring features to the property such as sea, outdoor crops, industries 

Type of Crop Cover

None - crops are grown entirely outdoors


Describe the Crop Cover/Greenhouse(s) you have


Type of Growing System

Media(s) Used


Hydroponic systems are used

Type of hydroponic system

NFT    Float    DFT   Other

Describe the Crop Production System

Describe the Crop Nutrition

What is the Volume of the Stock Solution (eg A and B)


List the weights of fertilizers you use to make nutrient solutions. 

Example Calcium Nitrate 15.5 kg 

What EC is the Nutrient Solution applied at, during different stages of plant growth

Please provide:

A recent leachate or nutrient solution analysis report, and a recent analysis report of your water supply.

Crop Maintenance

What beneficial organisms or plant protection products (ie sprays, disinfectants) are used on the property, include introduction or application rates, timing and purpose..

What methods are used to prevent introduction of pests and disease and to sterilise media, systems, equipment and water.- include rates and frequency of use

Please indicate which if any of the following aspects of crop production  you wish Suntec International Hydroponic Consultants to assist and advise on.

Planning, Engineering and Design

Crop Timing and Management

Crop Nutrition

Pest and Disease Control

Climate/Environmental Modification and Control

Postharvest Management

Describe any specific crop production issues which have arisen over the past year which you would like assistance in resolving.

I will require a consultant on site

I would like email service only

Please send a quote for consultancy services based on the information I have provided. 

I agree that if I accept the quote Suntec International Hydroponic Consultants may invoice me on a monthly basis and I agree to pay all fees due.

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About the Client


Please enter the name of your growing business, a person to contact, your physical address, including country, and contact phone fax and email.

None of the information you provide is  shared with any other organisation

About the Growing Environment

Detail which crops are being produced or you intend to produce and include approx annual volumes or yields per m2 per year

Select the climate type which most closely matches your location.

Indicate any environmental aspects of the location which may influence plant growth

Decribe the growing environment you have, include such details as greenhouse structure, manufacturer,  cladding and dimensions, vent size and position fans, shade, heating equipment and special controllers if applicable

About the Growing System

Indicate whether you use soilless media and if so what type or hydroponic systems and if so what type. If you have separate propagation systems include these.

Describe the system you have, including details of number and dimensions of gullies/containers or beds. Irrigation flow rates and frequency, volume of tanks or troughs in hydroponic systems. List the fertilizer materials you use and their concentration in the stock solution or nutrient you apply, include any variations you make during crop growth, also attach the required information from reports or analysis you have had, or obtain this information as soon as possible.

Outline the current pest and disease management practices, as well as sanitary procedures for the property

Your Requirements

Please indicate how we can be of most assistance to your growing operation.


Detail any problems which remain unsolved.


Please indicate which service you are likely to require.



Tick the box agreeing to pay for all services you agree to by accepting a quote.