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Suntec NZ Ltd Neem Garden Product Range

NEEM 900EC Neem and botanical oil EC


Centuries of use in Asia has proven the effectiveness of Neem and other botanical oils for the safe control of a wide range of insect pests. Now Suntec(NZ) Ltd is the recognised leader in supply of the eco-friendly formulation Neem900EC to New Zealand home gardeners. Our efficacy trials have proven how the product works and residue analysis over four years has shown no chemical residues (azadirachtin) .

The active ingredient in Neem 900EC is  one of the most potent insect growth regulators ever assessed. Neem900EC contains around 2% active ingredients, with 90% botanical oil base. Data on the control of whitefly in New Zealand has proven the effectiveness of this compound. Since these early trials the results have been replicated time and again on home gardens throughout New Zealand in the effective control of aphids, caterpillars, whitefly, scale and mites. 

 Neem 900EC  is the preferred originalNeem oil’ formulation. Neem 900EC contains cold pressed Neem seed kernel oil, with a high natural azadirachtin content, along with the unique properties of Indian Karanja oil.  While neem is proven effective for control of a wide range of insect pests as a ‘growth regulator’, the karanja acts as a synergist enhancing the effect of neem, besides adding a potent active ingredient ‘karanjin’ (furanoflavone). Also present in Neem 900EC is citronella oil, widely regarded as a general insect repellent. These ingredients are systemic to affect pests not directly contacted by the spray.

Karanjin is a ’flavanoid’ which  has a profound effect on the feeding of a number of insect pests and is directly toxic to many others such as mites and leafhoppers not readily controlled by neem alone.

As oil sprays smother pest insects on contact, Neem 900EC has all the benefits of a general purpose oil spray, together with a number of unique and potent active ingredients.   

Each batch of oil for use in Neem 900EC undergoes rigorous testing at its source in India by certified laboratories, to confirm the high content of active ingredients and the lack of contamination. The product is manufactured in New Zealand via processes which retain all this activity. 

Neem 900EC is non-toxic once sprayed on plants, and is safe to use.

Neem 900EC is exempted the requirement for registration in New Zealand pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997. See www.nzfsa.govt.nz/acvm for more information. Conditions apply. Contact Suntec for conditions of this exemption.

The product is applied at an economical rate of 7 ml  per litre spray which ensures its effectiveness.

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It is important to note that the ingredients in Neem are 'Growth Regulators' and work to control insect populations over time. Neem is not a quick 'Knockdown', and results may take a few days to a week to become evident. This  subtle effect however is quite profound long-term and with regular use, virtually no other insect control measures will be required. 


Neem is effective on insects which have become resistant to conventional insecticides, and due to the multitude of active ingredients and their novel chemical structure, insect resistance to Neem is unlikely.


Neem contains ingredients which are sensitive to UV light. For this reason, even though the product contains UV inhibitors, we recommend spraying towards early evening


Do not mix up the spray unless using it immediately, do not store made up spray for later use - the product deteriorates in solution after about 8 hours. Keep the product with its cap on in a dark cool place while not in use.


For existing infestations of insects, NEEM controls the early larval stages disrupting their ability to develop to adults. The product needs to be applied regularly at 3 day intervals for about two weeks, after which, regular 7 - 10 day applications should be resumed. It may help initially to mix with a knockdown insecticide such as pyrethrum, synthetic pyrethroid or organophosphate based products to eliminate adult insects. 

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Acute Oral toxicity    (Rat) LD50 >5000mg/kg (NON TOXIC)

NEEM 900EC (Rat) LD50 >2000mg/kg (NON TOXIC) (Maximum for trial)

NEEM 600WP (Rat) LD50 >2000mg/kg (NON TOXIC)

Acute Dermal Toxicity (Rat) LD50 >2000mg/kg (NON TOXIC)

NEEM 900EC (Rat) LD50 >2000mg/kg (NON TOXIC)

NEEM 600WP (Rat) LD50 >2000mg/kg (NON TOXIC)


Inhalation Toxicity Neem oil and powder (Rat) LD50>2.11 mg/l (NO INHALATION HAZARD)

Eye Irritation Neem oil and powder(Rabbit) NON IRRITANT


Neem 600WP Mild irritant to conjunctiva

Dermal Irritation Neem oil and powder(Rabbit) NON IRRITANT

Neem 900EC and Neem 600WP NON-IRRITANT

Skin Sensitization Neem oil and powder(Guinea Pig) NON SENSITIZER

All additives to the above formulations are now on the GRAS register of safe to use products.


RESIDUE analysis of azadirachtin in New Zealand has indicated that no food crop has shown detectable levels of azadirachtin after being sprayed with Neem900EC at the recommended rate (detection limits 0.02mg/kg). 

Due to the increased stability and active ingredient content in Neem 600WP Azadirachtin levels are typically within the range 0.05 to 0.1 mg /kg (tomato) for up to 7 days following application.

No MRL exists for azadirachtin.


CONTACT SUNTEC NZ LTD for more details on the commercial results to date or for more information on toxicity and ecotoxicity or residue data


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