Nutron 2000 - Edition 3 (2003).

 The world standard in hydroponic and commercial horticultural fertilizer formulation software
 For over 20 years!

  • Able to calculate quantities of salts to dissolve in stock solutions to achieve the required PPM of nutrient elements
  • Able to calculate the CF of the formula and adjust the formula to any required CF, calculates TDS at CF, also display pH and mMol concentrations
  • Able to calculate PPM of nutrient elements from given salt concentration, to modify existing formulae
  • Able to print save and load data
  • Able to adjust the formula for a given water supply, or different salt element contents.
  • Salt elements preferences loaded at startup, and uses the complete range of available hydroponic nutrient salts
  • Able to adjust whole formula for crop growth or environmental changes
  • Able to adjust to metric or imperial (US and UK) units and measurements
  • Provides recommendations for nutrient formula, strength, mineral ratios, comparison to sample formulae
  • Able to obtain ppm from any ratio of 2 or 3 part pre-made nutrient formula. Option to transfer this to 2-part Nutron formula
  • Able to enter mMol and uMol of major and micro nutrients rather than ppm.
  • Able to convert oxides to elements.
  • CF of 'A' 'B' and additives and all ratios of macro-elements displayed.
  • Able to predict accumulation of minerals from water supply.
  • Able to view and print saved reports on screen.
  • Text display (contextual help) available for all functions.
  • Avoid your nutrient solution becoming unbalanced over time, with adjustments for solution analysis and foliar analysis.
  • Extend the useful life of your nutrient formula, make the best use of your fertilisers.
  • Match your Nutrient formula to your crop uptake.
  • New soil fertiliser formulation feature expands the software's application to all aspects of commercial horticulture.
  • Uses advanced new programming features
  • Includes full illustrated manual with extensive instructions and real life examples

  • Fertiliser formulation from up to 10 chemical or biological ingredients and additives, applicable to any horticultural application.
  • Improved reporting features
  • Option for on-line registration direct from the software.
  • Advanced functions from our climate software to predict water and nutrient use
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