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Lime Sulphur 

Lime Sulphur is well known as an erradicant of over-wintering pests and disease spores. By using Lime Sulphur on deciduous trees and shrubs during winter prior to budburst, the pressure of disease and pests in the following summer is greatly reduced. An excellent winter spray schedule for home gardens is to alternate applications of lime sulphur, copper and spraying oil (Neem 900EC), each week during each month over winter.


MSDS Click to View MSDS


Lime Sulphur is alkaline, and of moderate toxicity

Do NOT mix with any other spray or fertiliser product

Do NOT apply to plants during active growth as leaf drop and plant damage may occur. 

Product stains on contact.


Lime Sulphur is damaging to eyes, irritates skin, and can cause serious internal damage if swallowed.

Wear eye and skin protection during application

Not to be taken. Keep out of reach of children

HSNO Classifications 6.1D 6.3B 6.5B 8.3A 9.1D 9.3C





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